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Rolled Sugar Cookie-Coconut Crisps How-To

Rolled Sugar Cookie-Coconut Crisps
These crunchy, nutty coconut cookies will wow family and friends at Christmastime. MORE+ LESS-

STEP 1: Prepare the Dough

Let sugar cookie dough soften at room temperature. Break it apart and place it in a large bowl; add one container of coconut pecan frosting and 3 tablespoons flour; mix until well-blended. Place four tablespoon-size dollops of dough on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet, allowing 3 inches of space between cookies. Bake 12 to 14 minutes at 350°F., making sure they’re a little soft in the center once you remove them from the oven

4 dough balls on sheet

STEP 2: Shape the Dough 

Using a spatula, remove the cookies from the cookie sheet. Before they cool, quickly wrap each cookie around the handle of a wooden spoon; let cool completely with the seamed side down. Working one batch at a time, repeat this process with the rest of the cookies.

rolling crisps

STEP 3: Decorate the Cookies 

Microwave 1 cup of candy melts for 30 seconds; stir. Continue to microwave at 15-second intervals until completely melted. Lightly dust the cookies with powdered sugar. Using a pastry bag or a plastic food storage bag with the corner snipped off, drizzle melted candy on top of cookies.

decorate with icing