How to Eat Cookies for Breakfast

By Stephanie Nero
Created December 8, 2016
Holiday Sprinkles Cookie Crisp
Satisfy your cookie cravings, no baking required. Eat a bowl for breakfast, or whenever you need a sweet snack. MORE+ LESS-
Holiday Sprinkles Cookie Crisp

As if there weren’t enough ways to get your cookie fix during the holiday season, now you can justify eating them for breakfast, too. If you grew up in the '90s, you might want to sit down for this amazing news: This holiday season, both Cookie Crisp and Cinnamon Toast Crunch have new, Christmas cookie-inspired flavors to try. Here's the scoop:

Holiday Sprinkles Cookie Crisp tastes and looks like Santa’s elves baked up a giant batch of teeny-tiny confetti cookies (made with red and green sprinkles, of course) and dropped them off in the cereal aisle.

Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch

Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch

Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch is all about the sweet simplicity of classic sugar cookies. Instead of cinnamon swirled into every bite, these crunchy-sweet squares are covered with a snowy dusting of sugar and vanilla.

These limited edition spins on classic kid cereals are in stores through the holidays, so hurry before they’re gone.

Look for Holiday Sprinkles Cookie Crisp and Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch in the cereal aisle at your local grocery store. Find a retailer near you.