Lunch Box Laughs

Created December 8, 2016
mother and daughter laughing while making lunch
Pack a giggle in each lunch with these ideas for silly treats and sandwiches. MORE+ LESS-

Think the school lunchroom can't get any more entertaining? Give your kids an extra lunchtime giggle by surprising them with these silly treats and sandwiches. Hey, they've worked hard all morning long — they deserve it! And don't forget to slip in a Doughboy™ lunchbox note!

Better on a biscuit: Skip the bread and build sandwiches on Pillsbury biscuits. The small size is great for little hands — and it's just plain fun!

Dippin’ stix: Pack individual ranch dressing packets for carrot and celery sticks. Make it fun by adding new tastes and textures, like jicama and zucchini sticks!

Parfait, s’il vous plait? OK, so your kids probably don't speak French. Still, they'll love making their own parfait at school. Pack a carton of their favorite Yoplait® yogurt. In sandwich bags, give them a variety of great mix-ins, like Oatmeal Crisp® cereal, granola, berries and chopped pecans. Don’t forget to pack a small bowl and a spoon for mixing and eating!

Happy trails: Combine all your kids' favorites in a delicious trail mix — Nature Valley® granola cereal, whole almonds, candy-coated chocolate pieces, dried banana chips, yogurt-covered raisins and even popcorn are a few fun options.

Fruity messages: No text messaging in school — but no one said anything about fruity messaging! Use a sharp paring knife to cut letters from a Fruit Roll Up® snack. Some fun ideas: cyl (see you later), ttyl (talk to you later) or uraqt (you are a cutie). Put your message between layers of wax paper and place in a sandwich bag.

No whine & cheese party: Instead of a sandwich, pack appetizers kids can build themselves. Large crackers, cheese squares and deli meat stacks are a great alternative to the typical sandwich. (Quick tip: Pack crackers separately so they don't get soggy.)

Lunchbox mailbox: On a piece of notebook paper, write a short note and ask them to write you back. Put the note in the lunchbox with a pencil and see how long you can keep the correspondence going. Need topic to get started? Ask them how they like their lunch.