Kids in the Kitchen

Created December 8, 2016
mother and daughter baking cookies
Fun ways to get your kids away from the TV and into the kitchen after school. MORE+ LESS-

Get your kids away from the TV and into the kitchen with a few fun snacks and treats!

Looking for something fun and worthwhile to do with your kids after school? Try cooking with them! Get them to help you make the next day's lunches, tonight's dessert or quick after-school snacks. Don't worry — it's easy with these shortcuts.

Totino's® Pizza Rolls® snacks: While you bake the snacks, get your kids' creativity going. Ask them to come up with fun new dipping combos, like sweet-and-sour sauce, taco sauce, honey barbecue sauce and more.

Quesadillas: They're a quick and easy hunger fix when you make them in the microwave. Kids can top an Old El Paso® tortilla with packaged grated cheese, place another tortilla over the cheese and microwave until cheese inside is melted. Cut it pizza style (with help from a grown-up, of course).

Fondue for two (or more!): It's so easy:

Wash strawberries and pat dry with paper towels.
Remove the hulls.
Slice whatever other fruits you like.
Pour fudge and caramel ice cream toppings into dishes.
Give your kids the fondue sticks to dip away!

Easy dessert: Try this idea for an ice cream snack or dessert:

Spread slightly softened ice cream on a baked Pillsbury sugar cookie, then top it with another cookie.
Kids can pat the ice cream edges with cake decorator sprinkles, candy-coated chocolate pieces, mini chocolate chips or chopped nuts.
Wrap them in plastic wrap and immediately put in the freezer.

Tomorrow's lunches:

Southwest Turkey Sandwiches
Ham and Cheese Subs
S'more Sandwich Cookies
Muffin Cup Cookies