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10 Tips for Trouble-Free Mornings

strawberry breakfast crescents
Kids not exactly morning people? Not to worry. We've got you covered. MORE+ LESS-

  1. Show your kids some love in the lunchroom. Print off a page of these cool Doughboy notes and tuck one in a lunch box every now and then. Even on a busy morning, you’ll have time to let your kids know you’re thinking of them. 
  2. Let planning pay off. As part of your going-to-bed ritual, get your kids to help make sure everything is packed up and ready to roll in the morning. Make sure homework is in the backpack, shoes are lined up and a raincoat is handy if there's a chance of rain. Don't forget to double-check the calendar to make sure there’s nothing special going on the next day. It's a great habit to help your kids get into!
  3. Give 'em breakfast on the go. Even on the best-planned days, sometimes you're in a rush to get out the door. If you expect one of those mornings, be ready with a breakfast your kids can grab and eat on the road. Try Toaster Strudel® pastries, Grab and Go Eggs, Breakfast Quiches to Go, a carton of Yoplait® yogurt or Grands® biscuits.
  4. Speed up the kids on a slow day. We all have mornings when we just don't feel like moving too fast. To get your kids to hustle, make a fun game of it. Put on some upbeat music, race them to the breakfast table, brush teeth in unison and challenge them to get dressed before you can finish a morning task. If you're having problems on a daily basis, encourage them with a star on the calendar for every day they get ready on time.
  5. Give yourself a break. Mornings are stressful, and it’s hard to get the kids out the door when you’re running late yourself. Get up just 15 minutes earlier each day, pour a cup of coffee and get yourself ready for the day before the mad rush begins.
  6. Serve up a breakfast favorite. On busy mornings, who has time for a breakfast battle? Give your kids what they love: warm Toaster Strudel® pastries. Kick morning grumbling to the curb!
  7. Don’t forget! It's so easy to walk out the door on a busy morning without a lunch or an oversized school project. Write yourself a note and post it in a spot that your family is most likely to see it: on the bathroom mirror, on a backpack or at the breakfast table.
  8. Focus, focus, focus. Kids don’t need any distractions as they get ready in the morning. Turning off the TV can help your kids focus.
  9. Post a schedule. Older kids can keep an eye on the clock as they get ready. Post a schedule so that at a glance, they know what time to be dressed, head to breakfast and walk out the door. To keep younger kids on schedule, draw a clock face on the schedule so they can check it against the current time.
  10. Set up for breakfast. True, sometimes it'll be impossible, but try to clean up the kitchen before bed and set out all the breakfast essentials to make the next morning smooth. Set out cereal bowls, plates, utensils, and foods that won't spoil, like bread, bagels, cereal boxes, jam and peanut butter.