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Upgrade Your Cooking: 6 Tiny Changes for Big Results

Casserole, omelete, salmon
These are the new kitchen rules that the world’s most experienced chefs swear by.

When you spend all day in the kitchen, you’re bound to pick up a trick or two along the way. These six new kitchen rules are the tips the world’s most experienced chefs swear by.

  1. The secret to the best-tasting bacon and steak is caramelization. Learn how to master the process and get perfectly browned meat every time. Watch the video
  2. No more crunchy omelets: Crack eggs on a flat surface to avoid egg shells in your food.
  3. Get gourmet flavor from your spices. Before adding to recipes, toast your spices in a dry pan over low stovetop heat to open up the flavor and add a little nuttiness.
  4. Make that pasta perfect. To avoid watery lasagna, drain noodles well and blot them with a paper towel.
  5. Grilling fish and other delicate foods can be tricky. Beat the stickiness by coating the grates with cooking oil on a cloth once the grill has been preheated.
  6. Stock your kitchen like a pro. The best investment for any kitchen is a good, sharp chef’s knife. Most home cooks should choose an 8-inch chef’s knife for maximum versatility.