Halloween Party Trick (Hint: It's Pizza!)

By Stephanie Audette
Created December 8, 2016
Totino's Party Pizza
Totino's® Party Pizza® is the easiest pre-trick-or-treat dinner ever. (Talk about “give me something good to eat”!) MORE+ LESS-

The quickest trick-or-treat night dinner ever: Totino's Party Pizzas

Totino's Party Pizza

We’re calling it a Halloween party trick, but consider this a go-to for any time you need a super quick dinner idea. Like on trick-or-treat night, when the kids can’t wait to fill their pillowcases to bursting with all the sugar in the neighborhood, and you just want them to eat an actual dinner instead of making a meal out of candy. And if there’s one thing that can compete with the idea of a candy feast, it’s pizza, right?

After all, dough smothered with sauce and cheese is a pretty delicious meal. In fact, I’ve only come across one person in my 25 years of life who claimed he didn’t like pizza. Then there’s the other extreme: the people who love pizza so much, they make it part of their regular dinner rotation (guilty).

But if there’s one true pizza fanatic in the family, it’s my fresh-out-of-college sister. She’s obsessed with Party Pizzas (like, takes-up-half-the-freezer obsessed) and stocks up whenever they go on sale so she always has a quick dinner handy. Her trick for an easy weeknight meal is buying plain cheese and topping it off with her own ingredients, like Italian sausage, onion and red bell peppers, for a custom creation. (Feeling adventurous? Try a Thai-inspired ‘za or go Greek with feta and Kalamata olives.)

If you’re thinking about picking up a few boxes of your own (hello, easiest dinner ever), you can save with this month’s coupon.

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