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Epic Slow-Cooker Pepperoni Pizza Bubble-Up Bake

Pepperoni Pizza Slow-Cooker Bubble-Up Bake
This recipe is a trifecta of things we love: pizza, bubble-up bakes and the trusty slow cooker. Dinner doesn’t get much better than this. MORE+ LESS-
By Dorothy Kern

The slow cooker is truly the one kitchen appliance I use constantly. Busy school nights and extracurricular activities mean we’re constantly on the go and dinner needs to be ready when I need it to be—otherwise we end up with take-out.

My usual slow-cooker meal is chicken with some sort of sauce, cooked low and slow all day. But recently I’ve started experimenting with other sorts of recipes. A few months ago I made monkey bread in the slow cooker and a whole category of recipes opened up to me!

I immediately thought of the the bubble-up bake. Who doesn’t love ‘em? Then I just needed to decide what flavor to make, and it wasn’t hard to choose. We love making pizza at home to save money, so I thought I’d try making a slow cooker version of the Pepperoni Pizza Bubble-Up Bake. And oh my gosh, you guys. It’s so good!

Pepperoni Pizza Slow-Cooker Bubble-Up Bake

And? It’s cheesy. It’s easy to make—very, very easy. This recipe came together in 15 minutes! Then it cooked while I finished my work day. First, you cut each biscuit into 6 pieces. My kids love classic pepperoni pizza, I cut 1 cup of pepperoni slices them into quarters using kitchen scissors. And if you don’t like pepperoni, that’s okay. Use your favorite toppings.


Mix the half of the pepperoni and 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning with the biscuits.

Pepperoni And Biscuits In Bowl

Then you place the biscuits in the bottom of your slow cooker, pre-sprayed with cooking spray. Mine is about 6 or 7 quarts. The biscuits formed an almost single layer all the way around the bottom.

Pepperoni And Biscuits In Slow Cooker

Pour 1 cup pizza sauce over the top of the biscuits, making sure it gets around all the edges, then top with 2 cups mozzarella cheese and the rest of the pepperoni. I made sure that the cheese didn’t touch the insert so it wouldn’t burn.

Pour Pizza Sauce

You don’t want your bubble-up to get soggy from the condensation that forms in the slow cooker lid, so make sure to cover the top with paper towels before covering with the lid.

Slow Cooker

Then cook on high power. It takes about 2 hours, but check after about an hour and a half. Not all slow cookers cook the same, so you want to be sure to keep an eye on it the first time you bake it. It’s done when the biscuits are dark/golden brown around the edges and a knife tests clean in the center. Did I mention it’s cheesy? So good.

Pepperoni Pizza Slow-Cooker Bubble-Up Bake