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Memorable Kitchen Mishaps

Burnt Toast
Do you have a kitchen disaster story? Share it here. We won’t judge.
By Alyssa Vance

Kitchen mishaps: We’ve all had them. They can be big, like a grease fire or melting a utensil on a stovetop. They can be small, too. (I know I consistently put pantry items in the fridge and vice versa and trust me, nobody wants chilled olive oil.) Regardless of scale, get a group of cooks together and I guarantee everyone can contribute a kitchen disaster story they’d like to forget. 

Burnt Toast

I’m accountable for a few mishaps myself. Once I pan-seared steaks over high heat in a mixture of butter and oil, and the grease spattered everywhere around the range (floor included). As I was wiping down the counters, I completely overlooked cleaning up the floor too. Next thing I know, I slipped and fell flat on my you-know-what. For what it’s worth, those steaks tasted pretty darn good.

I’ve also heard a few doozies. In one of them, a friend tried making pumpkin soup from whole pumpkins and ended up burning all her fingers from trying to peel the skins off. She was also cleaning up pumpkin remnants for days. The recipe didn’t turn out, to boot. All that work for nothing! 

Another friend was trying to cook a gourmet meal for her dad: pasta, artichokes, rolls. Well, she burnt the rolls and didn’t trim the artichokes. So that meal consisted of noodles only. 

 Chalk these up to disasters you can learn from. If you have any stories of your own, I hope you didn’t endure any burns or ruined kitchen tools in the process (but I’m sure you’ll never make the same mistake again)! 

What’s your most epic kitchen disaster story?