One-Ingredient Easy Homemade Peanut Butter

By Brita Nelson
Created December 8, 2016
With nothing more than peanuts and a food processor, one Pillsbury editor makes an oh-so-easy, addicting spread in less than 5 minutes. MORE+ LESS-

I’ve always been obsessed with peanut butter. But this so-called “recipe” has been causing a full-blown peanut butter overload in my life. I couldn’t believe it when I first tried it: 2 cups of honey-roasted peanuts + 4 minutes in a food processor = creamy peanut butter. It doesn’t seem like this should work, but it does. With just one ingredient. So I obviously had to try it again, and again.

I made a chunky batch, too. (It’s always been my favorite.) I reserved a half-cup of peanuts and then added them during the last minute of processing, blending until the mixture looked right.

I’ve been spreading this peanut butter on everything, and I recommend that you do the same. Then make more -- it’s going to get pretty addicting. I’m already through two jars. And I’ve been shamelessly showing it off to everyone. All good reviews so far. 

For a recent dinner party appetizer, I served Pillsbury Crusty French Loaf slices and this peanut butter in a pretty jar with a spreader so that my friends could get all the nutty deliciousness they wanted. It was a hit; I had so many people ask me for the recipe. I almost felt guilty telling them it has just one ingredient.

This peanut butter would make an amazing after-school snack for kids or an energizing mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Personally, I’ll be saving this treat for myself and the lucky few who are around when I try these easy recipes:

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Something so simple and fun to make needs to be shared. Go out and spread the word -- if you can still talk while enjoying all that delicious peanut butter stickiness.