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Cheese Twists How-To

cheese twists
This new use for refrigerated pizza crust is a whole lot of cheesy and a little bit twisted. MORE+ LESS-
By Stephanie Wise

The least creative part of my day in the kitchen is the afternoon. When my family’s stomachs start rumbling between 2 and 4 p.m., I’m often at a loss for a quick and simple snack that tides us over until dinner and that satisfies everyone’s tastes.

So, I’ve learned to keep on hand a few staple ingredients to use at a moment’s (or growling tummy’s) notice. Pillsbury® refrigerated pizza crust is one such ingredient, which has so many more uses than just pizza crust. In no time, it helps me create a yummy snack, like these Cheese Twists.

First, gather your ingredients. These are so simple to make, you’ve probably got most everything on hand already.

ingredients for cheese twists

Preheat the oven and roll out the pizza dough. Brush it with some butter for added flavor (it also helps the cheese stick to the surface).

Top the dough with shredded cheese. I like to use whatever cheeses I’ve got on hand, from Cheddar and Asiago to Parmesan and Mozzarella.

brushing unrolled pizza dough with butter, topping with shredded cheese

Next, slice the pizza dough into strips and then twist the strips tightly, making sure to keep most of the cheese tucked inside.

slicing dough with pizza cutter, dough rolled up into twists

Bake the twists for a few minutes, and serve with warm pizza sauce.

finished baked cheese twists with pizza sauce dip

Thanks to Pillsbury® refrigerated pizza crust, snack time has never been so easy and delicious!