6 Super Sandwiches

By Brita Nelson
Updated March 12, 2018
Barbecued Turkey and Cheese Panini
A Pillsbury editor shares six refreshed sandwiches that are far from average. MORE+ LESS-

I’ve never met a sandwich I didn’t love, from traditional PB&Js to these untraditional Big & Tangy Reuben Pockets. I jump for joy when someone says they’re serving sandwiches, but I’ve seen others yawn at the mention of the bread-on-both-sides meal. (Probably because they don’t expect anything out of the ordinary.) Little do they know, the definition of a sandwich can include dishes like this Italian Chicken Braid. If there’s bread around a center of some sort, I call it a sandwich. Here are six of my favorite ways to get creative with the classic.



Barbecued Turkey and Cheese Panini

If I were stuck on a desert island I’d consider adding a Panini press to my list of must-haves. (Along with Crusty French Loaf, meat, cheese, mayo, lettuce and onions .) You’ll understand why once you try this Barbecued Turkey and Cheese Panini. Try my other favorite pressed ‘wiches and learn the technique to make ‘em on the grill.



Juicy Lucy Rollwich

The Juicy Lucy Rollwich is filled with a favorite flavor of Minnesotans (cheese stuffed inside a burger). As a native of the state, I think it works perfectly in this rolled up ‘wich that’s great for lunch or dinner. Check out how easy it is to make the perfect rollwich here.



Slow-Cooker Easy French Dip Sandwiches

My favorite thing about a slow-cooker sandwich is how much flavor it has sans bun. It’s amazing what sandwich fillings can do when they’ve simmered for hours. I won’t have my favorite beef brisket ‘wich any other way. Needless to say, these Slow-Cooker Easy French Dip Sandwiches grace my table weekly. Here are a few more of my favorite slow-cooker varieties. 

What are your favorite sandwiches?