The Ultimate Summer Snack

By Gerry Speirs
Created December 8, 2016
Quick Grilled Pizza Quesadillas

Everyone in my house loves Mexican food, but we also love pizza night. It makes dinnertime fun when you can keep the flavors the family loves, but switch up how it’s made! These quesadillas are great for a quick snack or serve them along with a salad for a tasty dinner choice. To make them even more meal-worthy, you could always add some chopped chicken or ground beef, but my kids loved them just with gooey, melted cheese and of course the saucy tomato flavor of a pizza.

Quick Grilled Pizza Quesadillas

Lay three Old El Paso Flour Tortillas on a flat work surface. Spread one tablespoon of the pizza sauce on each tortilla.

Two tortillas, one topped with pizza sauce

Place the grated cheese on top of the sauce and finish by placing another tortilla on top.

Two tortillas, one topped with pizza sauce and shredded cheese

Gently lay the quesadillas onto a hot grill away from the direct heat or flame. Grill for about 1 minute either side watching them very carefully. Grilling these over a high heat gives them that charred flavor, but be careful as they brown very fast! Slice and serve at once with some fresh salsa or guacamole.