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Fun Bun Sliders How-To

Bacon Swiss Fun Bun Slider
Blogger Amy Erickson takes her sliders to the next level with three "fun bun" toppings. Try hers, then come up with your own! MORE+ LESS-
By Amy Erickson

I can't say enough great things about sliders. Not only are they adorable and fun, but they allow plenty of room for variety, especially with the bun. I wanted to give my sliders an extra twist, so I came up with “fun buns,” and let me tell you, people go nuts for these. And they couldn't be easier to make. These are my three custom fun buns, but the possibilities are endless.

Bacon Swiss Fun Bun Slider

Bacon Swiss Fun Bun Slider on a white plate with buns in the background

These tasty little burgers are a magnificently meaty stack of juicy ground beef, gooey Swiss cheese, crispy bacon, and a smooth schmear of Chipotle mayo, all held together by a fried-onion bun. Whoa, I can't even think about only eating one!

Pub-Style Fun Bun Slider

Pub-Style Fun Bun slider on a small wood cutting board surrounded by pretzels

Who doesn’t want a little English-style pub grub? These pub-style sliders have pretzel-coated fun buns that couldn't be easier to whip up. Then stuff them with your favorite delicious burger fixins and you have yourself a show-stopping way to feed a small army. 

Italian Fun Bun Sliders

Italian Fun Bun Slider on a small wood cutting board with buns and a bowl of sun-dried tomatos

Viva Italiano! A little oregano gives these buns great flavor, but experiment with different herbs to see what you like best. These just call out for a bunch of olives, and maybe a glass or two of cheap Chianti. Enjoy!