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Bourbon Chicken Balls How-To

bourbon chicken balls with sauce
Make dinner fun with biscuit-wrapped chicken meatballs served with a tangy sauce. MORE+ LESS-
By Angie McGowan

Bourbon chicken is my absolute favorite dish when we order Chinese takeout. There’s something so magical about the taste. It’s not too sweet, is a little tangy and, of course, has that wonderful bourbon flavor. So I thought I would incorporate those wonderful flavors into something new, fun and exciting for the whole family. I decided to make some chicken meatballs and to stir in just a few tablespoons of bourbon. To make them even more fun, I wrapped the meatballs in tender, flaky biscuits and served them with a sweet, tangy bourbon sauce that’s just too good. (The alcohol gets cooked out of the meatballs and the sauce, so this recipe is kid friendly, too.)

I start with ground chicken and use the same ingredients as in bourbon chicken. Then I form the mixture into 16 cute little meatballs and bake them in the oven.

Pillsbury Grands dough and plate of bourbon chicken meatballs

Next, I take a package of Grands!® biscuits and divide each biscuit in half.

Place a spinach leaf and a meatball on each biscuit. The spinach leaves are completely optional. I just like to add them to get a little more vegetables in my family’s diet.

Grands! biscuit dough with chicken bourbon meatballs placed inside

Pinch the biscuit together around the meatball. That’s it!

Grands! biscuit dough with chicken bourbon meatballs placed inside and sealed into a dough ball

Just finish wrapping the rest of the meatballs. Place seam side down on a lightly greased cookie sheet about 2 inches apart.

Grands! biscuit dough with chicken bourbon meatballs on cookie sheet

Serve with bourbon sauce and a simple spinach salad. Enjoy!

Baked Grands! chicken bourbon meatballs with dipping sauce