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World Traveler Night

Experience different cultures from the comfort of home with fun recipes and activities.

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ways to say thanks

Nine Ways to Say "Thanks"

Expand your language skills to match the meal by learning to say “thank you” several different ways.

German – Danke (DAN-kuh)

French – Merci (merr-SEE)

Spanish – Gracias (GRAH-syahs)

Italian – Grazie (GRAHT-tsyeh)

Hindi – धन्यवाद / शक्रिया (Dhanyawaad)

Greek— Σε ευχαριστώ (Sas efharisto)

Danish-- Tak (Tahg)

Hawaiian— Mahalo. (ma-HA-lo)

Russian— спасибо (spasibo )

cheese grater

Mind Your Manners

Italian food and Parmesan cheese seem to go hand in hand. When in Rome, however (or any other part of Italy), sprinkling this cheese over your meal is a no-no unless it’s offered to you.

15 International Food Etiquette Tips

mango drink in glass

Travel-Worthy Treats

Finish off dinner with a dish that’s sweet and unique. Some easy-to-make suggestions: a mango lassi from India or beignets from France.

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paper cranes

Kitchen Table Projects

After dinner, take the learning one step further and make a project with cultural significance.

Learn more about Japanese paper folding (origami) by making a paper crane, which is thought to bring good luck. You can read more about the craft in “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” or watch a tutorial. See Video

Help dispel bad dreams with a Native American dream catcher, usually crafted around a willow hoop. Go traditional, or make it simpler with an embroidery hoop or even a paper plate. See How-To

Celebrate like the Italians and craft your own Venetian mask, choosing the level of difficulty: simple or simpler.

Practice deep breathing before tacking this project – you’ll need it to properly play the Australian didgeridoo. You can make your own for less than $10. See How-To

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