Winner Winner Veggie Dinner

By Alyssa Vance
Created December 8, 2016
Turkey and Veggie Melts
There’s no need to sound the eat-your-veggies battle cry with these kid-approved dinners. MORE+ LESS-

Pre-motherhood I was blissfully ignorant of the food battles I’d one day encounter with my son. I had fairytale visions of him loving squash and happily eating enough Brussels sprouts to feed a small army. And as a baby and young toddler he fed into those dreams. But lately his dinner requests are becoming more limited. We’re talking pizza, chicken fingers and hot dogs. Vegetables are not on the top of his list. 

Some don’t need that much encouragement; the kid loves broccoli, corn and carrots. But he’s happy to tell me how much he doesn’t like something (often before he’s even tried it). Lately he’s had a ban on cherry tomatoes and cauliflower. I’m turning into a veggie pusher. Even though I don’t totally subscribe to hiding veggies in meals, I’ll happily add them to something I know he’ll like. 



Turkey and Veggie Melts

I love this recipe for Turkey and Veggie Melts because it’s made using ingredients I know he’ll eat, plus one he’s still on the fence about (sweet peppers). I’m hoping he’ll be a fan after he tries this 15-minute dinner.



Garden Vegetable Personal Pizzas

Any pizza is a dinner win in my house. These Garden Vegetable Personal Pizzas are a four-ingredient way to green up his plate.



Chicken Broccoli Butterflies

How sweet are these Chicken Broccoli Butterflies? They’re an easy and playful way to get your little ones on the veggie train. 

How do you get your kids to eat their veggies?