6 Delicious Ways to Save Money on Dinner

Created December 8, 2016
Slow-Cooker Garlic Chicken
Find grocery savings at the store AND at home with our savviest recipe ideas and dollar-saving kitchen tips. MORE+ LESS-

Tip #1: Keep It SIMPLE with 3-Ingredient Dinners

Save time (and money) when you keep the ingredient list short. Get more 3-ingredient ideas here.

Tip #2: Get on the Freezer Meal Bandwagon

On your busiest nights, skip expensive takeout and delivery and reach into your freezer instead. Whether you stock up ahead of time or freeze leftovers as you go, no servings will go to waste. See how with our Make-Ahead Meals Cheat Sheet.

Tip #3: Bulk Up with Beans

Filling and inexpensive? You can’t lose. Bulk up dinners with extra beans for added protein, or use them as the base of your meatless Monday meal.

Tip #4: Buy the Whole Bird

Instead of boneless + skinless breasts, go for a whole chicken. You can even buy it pre-chopped into individual pieces. If you’ve never cooked a whole bird before, let us show you how easy and delicious it is: How to Cook a Whole Chicken: 5 Simple + Delicious Ways.

Tip #5: Actually Use Your Leftovers (and Like It)

When you make a big batch of a meal-starting protein like beef, ham or turkey, use up every last bite by turning it into days’ worth of dinners. It’s the best way we know of to get your money’s worth.

Tip #6: Hack Your Pantry

Clean out that pantry, one meal at a time. Get more ideas here.

Want more? Put a meal the whole family will love on the table with our best quick + easy dinner recipes.