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12 Easy, Cheesy Mexican Bakes

No-Roll Mexican Rice Enchiladas
By Stephanie Nero

Not to brag or anything, but around the office I’m known as something of a Tex-Mex authority. For breakfast, huevos rancheros is my jam; rice and beans is my favorite packable lunch and I’m always on the hunt for new dinners that use some combination of my favorite ingredients: cheese, salsa, beans and more cheese.

I’ve rounded up 12 of my favorite cheesy bakes to bring a little spice to your table. Now, these easy dinners aren’t strictly Tex-Mex, but they do boast big Mexican-inspired flavor. (Also cheese. Plenty of cheese. Did I mention cheese?) And, best of all, they contain everything you need for a complete dinner, no side dishes required.

Oh, and my favorite pro tip for any extra: If your family somehow leaves you with any leftovers, try serving them with your favorite style of eggs the following morning for a quick brunch.