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Quick-Fix Panini Sandwiches

Philly cheesesteak panini
Scour your pantry, heat up your panini press and join us in taking the 10-minute pantry challenge. MORE+ LESS-
By Joanne and Adam Gallagher

Here’s an impressive dinner idea in 30 minutes or less. Promise.

The secret? A panini press and a can of Pillsbury’s® Crusty French Loaf or Country Italian Bread dough. The possibilities are endless, from global fare to kid-pleasing options -- and it all happens in minutes.

So, grab that panini press from the shelf, plug it in and get cooking! These sandwiches really couldn’t be easier. In addition to these six tasty recipes, we had a little brainstorming session and came up with even more ideas to inspire you. 

Go Global!

Forget takeout. Change things up by taking a world tour. First stop, France. Try adding Gruyère cheese and deli ham to Pillsbury’s® Crusty French Loaf for a riff on the world-famous croque-monsieur sandwich, or add a fried egg to make its partner in crime, the croque-madame.

Maybe Thailand’s more your style? Pick up a bottle of Thai peanut sauce and toss it with some shredded rotisserie chicken, chopped spring onion and a few chopped peanuts. Sandwich that between pieces of French Loaf dough, cook just like we showed you and you’re set!

How about Italian? Mix together thawed and squeezed-dry frozen spinach, ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese and some prosciutto. Then stuff it between the French Loaf dough slices, cook in the panini press, open a bottle of Chianti and enjoy.

Please the Kids

Make kids, young and old, happy -- and sneak some veggies in. Instead of pepperoni- and cheese-stuffed sandwiches, add thawed frozen broccoli to cheddar cheese and deli ham or turkey for a kid-friendly filling that adults will love, too.

Update the tired PB&J by spreading chunky peanut butter and jelly between pieces of French Loaf dough. Or, get a little crazy and turn it into a dessert by switching out the jelly for a handful of chocolate chips!

Get Comfortable

Sometimes you just need some comfort in your life, right? Comfort to us has to involve mac and cheese. You could always make up a quick batch of creamy mac and cheese and use it as a filling. We know, it sounds a little crazy, but oh would that taste good!

Pop open your favorite Rich and Hearty Progresso® soup (we like Beef Pot Roast with Country Vegetables). Drain the soup, reserving the liquid. Then fill the French Loaf dough with the beef and veggies and cook the sandwich in the panini press. While it cooks, heat up the liquid in the microwave and serve alongside for dipping. Delicious.

How about a twist on a favorite, the Philly cheesesteak? Quickly cook up some mushrooms and peppers and add that to deli roast beef and provolone cheese. Fill the dough slices, cook in the press and you have one fantastic dinner.

Have Fun!

Here’s the deal: The possibilities are endless, so add what you love. If you’re like us, that means cheese will be involved! Combine drained canned or jarred artichoke hearts with shredded rotisserie chicken and briny feta cheese, layer that between dough slices and panini press away! Or, get even cheesier and add lots of mozzarella to fresh spinach, sliced deli turkey and store-bought pesto for a Mediterranean flair.

What will you make? Take the 10-minute pantry challenge with us!