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Pizza Pot Pie How-To

pizza pot pie how to
Build your own pot pie bar and create a tasty family meal. MORE+ LESS-
By Cheri Liefeld

One Friday night, we decided to combine both pizza and pot pies to make a pizza pot pie. My niece and nephews are big fans of both and were intrigued by the idea of a pizza pot pie. I set up a "make your own pizza bar" and let them create. They loved to help cut out the pizza dough tops and layer the ingredients. I filled small bowls with a variety of toppings. They had fun designing their own pot pie masterpiece. 

Pizza pot pie parties aren't just for kids...adults are fans, too! Because the pot pies can be customized, they are perfect for a picky eater or a family member with dietary restrictions.


To host your own pot pie party, set out bowls of different toppings and cheeses on a table. Provide ramekins and let your guests build their own. 

For my Pizza Pot Pie, layer the sauce and chicken, top with broccoli and sprinkle with cheese.


Top each ramekin with a circle of pre-cut Pillsbury® Refrigerated Pie Crust, sprinkle with cheese if desired and place in the oven.