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Indian Fry Breads How-To

Indian fry breads
In less than 10 minutes, your family can enjoy a new twist on taco night! MORE+ LESS-
By Stephanie Wise

Taco night is a staple in our home. At least once a week, we enjoy preparing and eating a colorful variety of yummy ingredients that are stuffed into soft or hard tortillas. It’s a quick and simple way to make dinner without sacrificing flavor.

But sometimes, plain old tortillas can leave taco night feeling like a rerun. That’s why I enjoy kicking up our weekly meal a notch by using delicious Indian fry bread as our base. It’s an extremely easy-to-make (not to mention tasty) twist on tortillas that still packs a wallop of flavor.

How do you make Indian fry bread, you ask? It’s simple. Just start by preparing all of your favorite taco toppings, like cheese, sour cream, lettuce, salsa and ground beef. (You can also create a delicious dessert by using honey or powdered sugar.)

ingredients for Indian fry breads

Next, heat your oil bath. Be sure to wear an apron and oven mitts for safety. Also, keep the temperature of the oil at 350°F so that the fry bread doesn’t get too soggy in the middle.

heating oil bath in skillet on range top

Divide and flatten your pieces of pizza crust. Poke a hole in the center so the bread doesn’t puff up too much while frying. You want to be sure the toppings won’t roll off!

Fry the bread until it’s deep golden brown on both sides.

pizza dough flattened and prepared for frying, breads frying in skillet

Finally, top your bread with your chosen ingredients, and enjoy! It’s that simple.

fried breads on paper towel, toppings on the side

Taco night will never (have to) be the same!