Mad-Good Chicken Taco French Bread Pizza

By Jocelyn Delk Adams
Created December 8, 2016
Chicken Taco French Bread Pizza
You’d never guess this flavor-packed dinner is made with pantry staples and a bit of leftover rotisserie chicken. MORE+ LESS-

I adore Mexican food, especially tacos. They’re so easy to make at home, not to mention so comforting and delicious. I make tacos pretty regularly because they don’t take much time to cook so they fit right into my busy weeknight menu. However, I’m sure my family would love a new and inventive way to spice things up. Enter Chicken Taco French Bread Pizza!

Chicken Taco French Bread Pizza

Let me tell you that you haven’t lived until you have tried a French bread pizza using Pillsbury’s French loaf. The crust is absolutely sensational: still doughy and chewy in the center but perfectly crisp on the outside. Combining the flavors of tacos with French bread pizza was a no-brainer.

You simply bake the French bread loaf according to the instructions.

French Bread

Once it’s done baking, you cut the loaf in half then cut open the loaf to create four open-faced pizza crusts.

Open Faced French Bread

Now the real fun can begin. Simply assemble your pizzas by layering with your sauce, taco seasoning, shredded chicken (Try your leftover rotisserie chicken!), cheese and any additional taco toppings that tickle your fancy. Green onions, olives and diced tomatoes are especially good with this!

Layer Ingredients

Lastly, you bake the individual pizzas until everything has melted into a hot, bubbly, sensational pizza fiesta! Remove and let cool slightly—if you can wait that long to dig in.