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Good Chicken

Chicken Cordon Bleu Crescent Ring How-To

Blogger Nikki Barton puts a ring around her go-to childhood dinner. Hello, new family favorite.

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Nikki Barton
Growing up, my mom let each family member take turns choosing what we would eat for dinner. It was a great way to get our family together, and get us excited about mealtime. Every time the choice was passed to me, I would pick chicken cordon bleu. It has always been my absolute favorite. How can you go wrong with cream cheese, chicken and bacon?
Now that I have a family of my own, chicken cordon bleu makes an appearance at our dinner table quite frequently. I like to create new and exciting versions of chicken cordon bleu for my family, as a way to change up the original.
This recipe uses simple ingredients, but they come together to form something extraordinary. This creamy crescent ring is full of flavor, and will surely bring smiles around the dinner table.
To begin, thoroughly stir the cream filling ingredients together. Make sure the meat is evenly coated with the cream cheese mixture to ensure that each bite is perfectly blended with all the ingredients.
Open your can of Pillsbury Crescents, and separate the dough into four sections (two crescents to a section to form four rectangles). Lay each section out on a lightly greased baking sheet to form a circular shape. It should resemble a compass: one section points north, one points east, one points south, one points west.
Next, open up your second can of Pillsbury Crescents, and separate the dough into four sections. Lay them in a similar circular shape, filling the gaps of the previous circle.
Evenly distribute the cream cheese mixture, and mold into the shape of a ring around the center of the crescent circle (making sure to leave about a half-inch gap of crescents in the center of the ring).
Fold up the edges of the crescent ring over the filling, and seal the dough so that the cream filling won’t seep out. Repeat for all remaining crescent ring edges.
Once your crescent ring has been formed, seal off any openings or edges, so it appears smooth and uniform.
Bake the ring at 375 °F for 20 minutes, or until the top is golden brown. Let it cool for 5 to 10 minutes before cutting into it.
Once cooled, cut into eight sections and serve.
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