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S'mores Pie How-To

S'mores Pie
With this decadent pie, you can enjoy all the flavors of s'mores without lighting a single fire! MORE+ LESS-
By Brooke McLay

S'mores are a classic campfire treat. They're the sort of thing you eat huddled in flannels while staring up at the stars and singing Kumbaya. If you've got camping fever--without a campfire in sight--or just want to conjure up the perfectly matched flavors of s'mores, this simple pie is for you! 

Making this pie is surprisingly easy. Once you've baked a Pillsbury® pie crust into a standard-sized pie plate, you've done all the baking you'll need to do. Fill the crust with a super-quick whipped ganache, and you're almost done. 

Pop that pie into the fridge and allow it to get nice and cool. Because you'll be broiling the marshmallow topping over this delicate ganache, you'll want to make sure it's chilled enough to stand up to the heat of the broiler for a few seconds.

chill ganache in pie crust

Pop some large marshmallows on top, and then sprinkle on some small marshmallows, as well.

add marshmallows on top

Boost the toasted marshmallow flavor with a bit of sweetened condensed milk. 

Then place your pie under the broiler, leaving it there just long enough to toast the top layer of marshmallows, but not long enough to melt the interior of the pie. Similar to making Baked Alaska, you have to watch the topping closely and be ready to remove the pie from the oven as soon as it's done.

place in broiler to toast marshmallows

Time to call in the campers! Use a sharp knife to cut giant slices of pie.

finished pie

Serve to happy campers and enjoy!