Raspberry Pie Recipes and Tips

Created December 8, 2016
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Trust us: You'll love these raspberry pie recipes as much as you love eating raspberries straight from the box. MORE+ LESS-

Treat yourself to a delicious, sweet pie made with red, ripe raspberries. It’s easy when you use unroll-and-fill pie crusts. The only trouble will be resisting the urge to eat your raspberries straight from the box as soon as you get them home from the store!

Three simple steps to a raspberry pie:

  • Mix it. Mix berries with sugar, something to help thicken the juices as it bakes (usually flour) and a little lemon juice.
  • Unroll it. Unroll a refrigerated pie crust into a pie pan and spoon the filling into the crust. Then unroll the other pie crust and top the pie. Press the two crusts together.
  • Bake it. All that's left is to sit back and enjoy it!

Get started. When you use refrigerated unroll-and-fill pie crust, it’s so easy to make a raspberry pie with a top and bottom crust. Try a traditional raspberry pie, a one-crust raspberry cream pie or a raspberry tart with a crumble topping.

Fill it up. For a fabulous and super easy pie, just use a can of raspberry pie filling. Or if you’ve got more time, try mixing raspberries with other fruits and berries, like apples, pears and blueberries. Or check out this amazing combo of raspberries and chocolate.

Give it a twist. Not feeling like a traditional raspberry pie? Give these easy twists a shot:

Top raspberry recipes:

Five easy tips to get you started:

  • Soften the crust. Take the pie crust out of the refrigerator to soften before you use it, as directed on the package.
  • Don’t stretch it. Try not to stretch the pie crust when you put it in the pan.
  • Use glass or dull-metal pans. Shiny pans keep refrigerated pie crusts from getting brown, and dark pans cause too much browning.
  • Use the size pan called for in a recipe. Refrigerated pie crusts are designed for 8- or 9-inch pie pans and 10-inch tart pans.
  • Make it simple. Check out our Six Steps to a Better Pie and Special Touches.