Mini Fruit Pizzas How-To

By Jessica Walker
Created December 8, 2016
Mini Fruit Pizzas
Showcase this delicious dessert at your next baby or bridal shower. MORE+ LESS-
Ingredients gathered on a table with flowers

I've been a guest at many bridal and baby showers. It's always exciting to play games, exchange gifts and eat delicious food with your girlfriends. But what about when it's your turn host a shower at your own home? I'll admit, as a single woman, this strikes fear into the depths of my soul. What will I serve? What if my house is too small? Will everyone have a good time? There are many questions that run through anyone’s mind when it comes to hosting a party…mine always seems to stop on making sure I serve the perfect food.

A couple of weeks ago, it was my turn to host a simple shower for a good friend of mine. I scoured recipes online, on Pinterest and anyplace I could find for the perfect shower foods. Something simple yet elegant. Something that would be a crowd-pleaser. Then it hit me…fruit pizza.

Fruit pizza is so delicious and fresh-tasting, and it's always a hit. Then I thought, what if it was a make-your-own fruit pizza bar with a variety of fruit toppings for every guest to personalize their own?

The stress seemed to melt away as I found the recipe on Pillsbury® for Mini Fruit Pizzas. I mixed the topping as called for in the recipe but did something a bit different with the cookie base. Using a roll of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, I cut slices about 1 inch thick, patted them down to half an inch and baked. This gave a slightly larger cookie surface to work with.

pizza crust on a decorative plate

Now to set the table. First, it was all about the flowers. My local grocery store had flowers for a great price; these made a great focal point on my table. Pots of artificial grass or stemmed flowers would also look great.

I have a mini obsession with dishes, so I'm always happy to find any excuse to use my great-grandma’s china. It's crisp and clean and worked perfectly for this occasion.

flowers and plates

Next, I pulled out more platters and cake stands that I hardly ever use and was more than ecstatic to have an excuse to show them off. So this can be your excuse to break out your pretty dishes that never see the light of day and display your fruit pizza fixings!

bowls of fruit and pizza crust on decorative plate

You can choose any type of fruit that you'd like. I found that against the white dishes, the fruit really became the star of the table. I decided to display the pineapple by cutting it down the middle and scoring separate pieces. It was so pretty, I couldn’t resist.

For beverages, I decided to serve water with lemon. It was perfect to display with the fruit, and you don’t have to worry about a large variety of drinks to please people. Simple is best.

scored pineapple with more fruit and glasses with lemon

No matter how you serve it, or what color your dishes are, Mini Fruit Pizzas will be a hit with your guests. It's simple, delicious and beautiful--perfect for any casual get-together. Let the stress-free party-planning begin!

mini fruit pizza on a plate