Easiest-Ever Strawberry Cookie Cobbler

By Jocelyn Delk Adams
Created December 8, 2016
Strawberry Cookie Cobbler
Prep this summer dessert in a quick 10 minutes, and then enjoy a run through the sprinkler with the kids. MORE+ LESS-

Summer means one thing to me: cobblers! I love them and put every possible seasonal fruit in them. They remind me of my grandmother who makes the best. Each year, I desperately attempt to bring my grandmother's magic into my kitchen by playing around with her famous cobbler recipes. 

One fruit I have started to love adding to cobblers is strawberries. They lend themselves perfectly to pies, crisps, and of course the traditional cobbler. The gorgeous red color peeks through the crisp crust of the cobbler and creates an unbelievable taste. With a beautiful selection of strawberries in my refrigerator from the farmer's market, I was armed and ready to develop a super-quick new cobbler recipe with an unexpected twist.

Strawberry Cookie Cobbler

First, mix up a simple filling of berries, sugar and citrus juice.

Strawberrys and powdered sugar in a mixing bowl

Put into a baking dish or pie plate, and then top the cobbler with Pillsbury Ready to Bake Sugar Cookies. Yep, that's right sugar cookie dough! It’s unbelievable.

Sliced strawberries, topped with cookie dough, in a casserole dish

I am now in love with cookie toppings on my cobblers. The sweet and tender cookie dough is a perfect match for the syrupy berries. You will love sharing this treat with your family this summer.