Strawberry-Lemon Cookie Cups How-To

By Jocelyn Delk Adams
Created December 8, 2016
Strawberry-Lemon Cookie Cups
This cookie cup is the perfect treat to ring in spring. MORE+ LESS-

Spring time is officially here, and I can’t help but get excited. After one of the snowiest and most freezing winters I have ever endured in Chicago, I need a little brightness that only spring can provide. It’s actually my favorite season. It is the season of my birthday (I’m a June baby), the season of warmth and the season of berries!

While I wait for fresh in-season berries to officially make their way to the aisles of my grocery store, I love dreaming of berry recipes that give me the hint of strawberry flavor I desperately crave. My favorite combination to play with is strawberry and lemon. They work together perfectly as you can see with this recipe. 

I started by creating cute mini cookie cups out of lemon-infused Pillsbury sugar cookie dough. After baking the dough in a mini muffin cup, gently press a spoon in the center of each baked cookie to make the shape of the cup.

Strawberry-Lemon Cookie Cups
Strawberry-Lemon Cookie Cups

Next, I paired it with the easiest frosting recipe you will ever make. Simply combine strawberry gelatin with whipped topping, you won’t believe how delicious and fast this is. Fill a piping bag with the strawberry frosting and pipe it into the center of each cooled cookie cup.

Strawberry-Lemon Cookie Cup

These strawberry-lemon cookie cups are the perfect way to satisfy your berry and citrus hankerings. If there was ever a recipe to properly ring in spring, this would definitely be it.