Lemon Magic Bars How-To

Created December 8, 2016
Lemon Magic Bars
These sweet-tart bars are the perfect dessert to get you in the mood for spring. MORE+ LESS-

Before three years ago, I hated lemon in desserts...or so I thought. I’d gone my whole life never tasting a lemon pie, a cookie or bar. “Nope,” I’d tell myself, “Don’t like lemon, not gonna eat that!” 

Boy was I wrong! 

About three years ago, my daughter was selling lemon cookies for her Daisy troop. I tasted one at a meeting and it was love at first bite. Shortly after I made a lemon cream pie and ate practically the whole thing myself. Since then, I’ve been making up for lost lemon love and making a lot of lemon breakfasts and desserts each year. It was just a matter of time before I made them into magic bars! 

You’ve heard of a magic bar, right? The magic bar and seven-layer bar are much the same thing, but I use the term magic bar because not all of them have seven layers. The beauty of a magic bar is they’re so versatile: you can make them in almost every flavor under the sun. And they come together fast too!

Lemon Magic Bars

This lemon version is full of flavor. The base is a Pillsbury Sugar Cookie infused with lemon zest before it’s pressed into the pan. 

Toppings for magic bars can range from chocolate chips to nuts to coconut to candy. These are filled to the brim with white chocolate chips, coconut and macadamia nuts– all things that pair so well with lemon. 

The magic of magic bars comes in the form of sweetened condensed milk. You mix some lemon juice and extract with the milk and pour it over the crust. While they bake, the sweetened condensed milk melts with the white chocolate chips and hardens, forming a solid bar. 

These are gooey, sweet, nutty and a lemon lovers’ dream. Even if you think you don’t love lemon, try these bars. You might surprise yourself!

Lemon Magic Bars