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Cherry Pie Pops How-To

cherry pie pops
Bring the fun of fair food-on-a-stick home with these biteable pops. MORE+ LESS-
By Arlene Cummings

All I can say is when I made these Cherry Pie Pops they didn’t last very long. The kids and their friends almost ate them all up before I had a chance to send some over to my neighbors. My daughter smelled the pies cooking when she got home from school and immediately wanted to know what I was baking. When I told her they were cherry she said, “I don’t like cherry” I told her to just try one. Well, needless to say, she is a cherry pie fan now. She ate 3 of them before I they even had a chance to cool completely. 

I think the best thing about these pie pops is that you get all the yummy taste of pie without having a giant piece. They are perfect for packing in a lunch box too. I used a baggie and some twist ties to cover them and packed one in the kid’s lunch bags. 

If you want to try making these at home just pick up some Pillsbury® refrigerated piecrusts, a can of pie filling and some lollipop sticks. Then it’s as easy as cutting out the little circles, filling and baking. I used a 3-inch dessert glass to cut my circles but you can use a cookie cutter too.

using a glass rim to cut out circles of dough

Once I cut my circles, I lightly press the stick in the center of the dough, add my filling, and then top with another circle of dough pressing all around to seal using another lollipop stick.

round of dough with pie filling in center, lollipop stick placed from center and second round of dough on top. two layers of dough being crimped together.

I also brushed them with an egg wash and a sprinkle of sugar before I baked them. This gives them a nice golden brown color. After they bake and cool you can watch them disappear.

baked cherry pie pops on a tray