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Caramel Apple S’mores Nachos How-To

caramel apple smores nachos
Kids will love helping to make these amped up nachos that combine two favorite treats. MORE+ LESS-
By Cheri Liefeld

Kids love to cook, and these Caramel Apple S’more Nachos are a great dish for them to help bake. S’mores are always a favorite. But topped with caramel and apples, they are even better! 

I created this recipe on one of my weekly visits with my niece and nephew. We’ve been cooking together since they were old enough to pull up a stool and grab a wooden spoon. 

Using Pillsbury® pie crust and Golden Grahams® cereal makes this dish both kid friendly and fast. That’s a winning combination for cooking with kids!

My niece’s love of cooking has really blossomed this year. From prepping to cooking, she wants to learn about everything involved with cooking. Some of my favorite conversations with her have happened while we’re standing and stirring. 

Start by creating dough chips. Cut out circles of Pillsbury® pie crust dough and bake.

When we initially tested this recipe, my niece helped me cut up the dough and layer the ingredients on top.

I found the best results were when I briefly baked the crust before adding toppings.