Can’t-Miss Recipes for Serious Carrot Cake Lovers

Updated April 2, 2018
Has there ever been a better excuse to eat your veggies? Carrot cake’s not-so-secret ingredient is shredded carrots, and if you’ve never tried it, it’s time to see what the hype is all about. Despite starting with humble carrots, carrot cake is anything but boring—the sweet, buttery cake batter is almost always spiced with ingredients like cinnamon and topped with a decadent homemade cream cheese frosting. And that’s just the beginning! Make the classic recipe and all kinds of riffs on it by browsing our best ways to make carrot cake, from cookies and bars to monkey bread and, yes, actual cake. MORE+ LESS-
Carrot cake is often a choice dessert for special occasions. It’s especially popular around Easter and other springtime holidays, but its autumnal spices and decadent cream cheese frosting make it a great choice for year-round celebrations. Many people request carrot cake for birthday parties and even weddings. So, it’s just a bonus that one of the most impressive-looking and most-requested dessert recipes out there is also incredibly easy to make. With any take on carrot cake, the time-consuming part will likely be shredding the carrots, but luckily you can do this ahead of time. Simply shred the carrots with a grater a few days before you make your carrot cake recipe and store them in a airtight plastic container in the refrigerator. The rest is just cake! (See what we did there?)