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Basketball Mini Cookie Pies How-To

Make a quick and easy treat for your basketball party by stuffing a cookie into a pie crust!

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Dorothy Kern
I’m kind of addicted to the double dessert, especially when there’s crust involved. Fudge with crust, pie with brownies, brownies with cheesecake. I love making two desserts into one.

One of my favorite ways to mash-up dessert is to make brownie pies using Pillsbury Pie Crust, so of course I wanted to do a cookie pie using the pie crust and refrigerated cookie dough. The best part about these mini cookie pies is that they come together in minutes, even though they look like they take a lot of work.

Making the crust is easy with Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust Simply unroll the crusts and cut out 2 1/2-inch round circles. You’ll get about 36, with re-rolling the dough.

Press them into a mini muffin pan and your crust is ready for filling.
You can skip out on the next step - the peanut butter- but who wants to skip the peanut butter? Adding 1/4 teaspoon in the bottom of each crust adds a little something extra to these pies.
Have a peanut allergy? Leave out the peanut butter, or substitute your favorite nut butter, cookie butter or hazelnut spread.

Then comes the cookie dough!

You can use either the Pillsbury Ready to Bake Chocolate Chunk and Chip Cookie Dough, or you can use the tube of cookie dough. If you’re using the Ready to Bake cookies, cut each square into thirds (which is about 1 teaspoon of dough).
Press the dough into each pie crust.
Now’s the fun part. Are you having people over to watch basketball? Or is your family just addicted to basketball? Make these cookie pies into little basketball cookie pies with the help of some orange candy melts and an edible color marker (available at craft stores).
You’ll want to draw on the candy after you’ve put it on the cookie and it’s hardened. Otherwise the design will run.
Delight your basketball lovers this spring with mini cookie pies dressed up with basketballs! These pies are delicious, so easy to alter with different cookie flavors, and will give you two desserts in one: a cookie and a pie!
Dorothy Kern

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Sharing recipes and treats is how Dorothy Kern shows that she cares, and she cares a ton. Her spunky style of baking-while-chatting is almost as addictive as her weeknight meals that come together in a snap.

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