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Bananas Foster Crescent Swirl How-To

Bananas Foster Crescents
Blogger Carrian Cheney shares a delicious version of the banana pastry classic that preps in minutes. MORE+ LESS-
By Carrian Cheney

So, this happened. Did you hear on my blog how our fridge went out for two weeks? It wasn’t fun, like at all, but we are more grateful for modern appliances now. Especially the furnace as that chose to go out for three days as well. Yay. Anyway, we needed a yummy dessert to make with friends but we couldn’t use the fridge and we needed something fast. 

I knew I wanted to make something like Bananas Foster. We had butter that we rescued and I wanted to use the bananas because the house was so freezing cold they weren’t going to ripen like normal (good mercy, I sound like a pioneer). I just wasn’t quite sure how it was all going to come together. 

I mean, hello, we were so cold we were wearing our winter coats and ski clothes around the house to stay warm. We needed a hot, indulgent dessert. And we got it! I decided we could bake up some crescents, make a big swirl of caramel goodness and then pour hot Bananas Foster sauce over the swirl with a little ice cream. It’s like that awesome skookie but in a pastry form.

And who doesn’t like something that looks as awesome as it tastes? Just roll out a sheet of crescent dough. Spread on the caramel (I used dulce de leche because it’s thicker and wouldn’t run out) and then cut into long strips. 

Crescent dough covered in caramel

We rolled the first strip and stuck it in the middle then used each additional strip to wrap around until it looked like a big cinnamon roll. Bake that baby up.

Bananas Foster Crescents

In the meantime, you can make the sauce.

Brown sugar and butter in a frying pan
Brown sugar, butter and bananas in a frying pan

The sauce is just butter, brown sugar, vanilla and a little water. Cook until saucy; add the bananas and cook until tender, then serve over the hot swirl and ice cream. Oh, and then lay down on the couch for a good movie because you’ll be so full you can’t move.

Bananas Foster Crescents