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Raspberry-Almond Pinwheel How-To

Raspberry Almond Pinwheels
Thirty minutes. Three ingredients. One delicious treat. What are you waiting for? MORE+ LESS-
By Sarah W. Caron

There’s just something about a pinwheel. It’s whimsical and charming. Food that’s both fun and functional! 

Sweet enough for an anytime treat, Raspberry Almond Pinwheels are equally awesome for breakfast, brunch or snack time. Making them is so simple. You can literally whip these up in no time. 

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients
These tender, sweet rolls need only three things: a tube of Pillsbury® Crescent Creations, raspberry preserves and almonds that have been crushed.

Raspberry Almond Pinwheels ingredients

Step 2: Prepare the Sweet Center

Unroll your dough, spread it with the preserves and sprinkle with the almonds. 

Step 3: Roll and Cut
Roll the dough back up. Then cut it into eight pieces. Hint: To make this easy and foolproof, first cut the roll in half, then cut each of those pieces in half. Repeat once more and you’ve done it! 

Step 4: Bake
These pinwheels bake on a nonstick baking pan. They’re done when they puff up and take on a golden hue.

Raspberry Almond Pinwheels roll and slice

Step 5:

Enjoy It is time to eat these babies up!

raspberry almond pinwheel how-to