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Make This Cinnamon Roll Cobbler for Brunch

Cinnamon Roll-Topped Cobbler
You’re three ingredients and 35 minutes away from digging into this warm-from-the-oven dessert (or really indulgent breakfast).
Cinnamon Roll-Topped Cobbler

Cinnamon Roll-Topped Cobbler

What’s better than cinnamon rolls still warm from the oven? This Cinnamon Roll-Topped Cobbler, that’s what. Beloved breakfast pastry meets summery fruit dessert for a match made in brunch heaven. Try it with your favorite fruit! Peaches, either halves or slices in syrup, can be substituted for the pear halves, and blueberry pie filling substituted for the cherry pie filling. Prep the whole thing in 10 minutes and have it on the table faster than the wait at your favorite brunch place.