Mad-Good French Toast and Bacon Bombs

By Amy Erickson
Created December 8, 2016
French Toast and Bacon Bombs
Who knew you could improve upon French Toast? Pillsbury blogger Amy Erickson did. These bite-size breakfast bombs are ridiculously good. MORE+ LESS-

It was only a matter of time until the bacon-wrapped bomb made its way to the breakfast table! And I’m so happy it did. Each of these all-in-one breakfast bites are literally bursting at the seams with flavor. It’s first stuffed with smooth cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, fried to a golden puff and then coated in cinnamon sugar and soaked with syrup!

French Toast and Bacon Bombs

Cut each biscuit into two equal halves. Gently stretch each biscuit half out just a bit, and add a small scoop of cream cheese in the center, making sure not to over-fill them. You can flavor the cream cheese with some cinnamon or even chocolate chips for a fun twist.

Biscuits, cream cheese and bacon

Now wrap each stuffed biscuit with a half slice of Bacon and secure them with a toothpick or skewer.

Wrapped bacon bombs on a stick

Fry them up in the 350 degree oil, until they’re puffed and golden on all sides.

French toast and bacon bombs on a stick frying in oil

While they’re warm, toss them evenly in the cinnamon sugar. Serve them warm–with extra syrup of course!