Insanely Easy Fruit and Pastry Breakfast Kabobs

By Dorothy Kern
Created December 8, 2016
Fruit and Pastry Breakfast Kabobs
It’s hard to improve on the genius that is Toaster Strudel, but serving it up on breakfast kabobs is our new favorite way to start the day. MORE+ LESS-

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a Toaster Strudel commercial. I was young, back when every commercial was something you watched with rapture. I couldn’t believe my eyes: hot pastry you can toast? With fruit filling and icing? Even back then, before I was into food, I knew it was a genius idea.

Now, as a mom, I watch my daughter watch commercials like that and I see her get excited too. So you can imagine her delight when I came home from the grocery store with a box of Strawberry Toaster Strudel in my bag. She could not wait for breakfast!

Fruit and Pastry Breakfast Kabobs

As much as we love eating plain Toaster Strudel, I knew my daughter would love them re-made as a fruit kabob. Bonus: fresh fruit comes with the meal. Since Toaster Strudel has even more real fruit flavor, these were a win for everyone. If you have 5 minutes, you can make these poppers for breakfast or an after-school snack. They’d also be perfect for a party!

First, you start with a package of Toaster Strudel. Pick your favorite flavor. Toast up however many pastries as you want. That’s the beauty of this recipe: You can make one, or six!

Toaster Strudels

Cut each Toaster Strudel into 4 pieces. Gather up your favorite fruit. We had strawberries and bananas on had the day I made these, but you’re not limited to those. Any berry would work, as would grapes, apples, oranges, or even pineapple. Just cut them into bite-size chunks.


Then comes the fun part - the kids can even do this themselves. Use lollipop sticks or popsicle sticks and layer the strudel pieces and fruit on the skewers.

Layer the Strudel Pieces and Fruit on the Skewers

At this point you can drizzle on the icing or just eat them plain!

Drizzle On the Icing

There you have it: an easy way to dress up Toaster Strudel. Perfect for breakfast, a snack or a party treat! What’s your favorite way to eat a Toaster Strudel?