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Doughnut Hole BFF: 3-Ingredient Sweet Lemon Dip

Doughnut Holes with Sweet Lemon Dip
Why eat yogurt alone when it pairs so well with a tasty biscuit-made-doughnut? MORE+ LESS-
By Dorothy Kern

When I was little, I went to an in-home daycare during the day while my mom and dad were at work. Even though I stopped going to her house when I was 4, I still remember the babysitter fondly. One of the best snacks were doughnut holes from the local doughnut shop. I’ll never forget eating those yummy pastries.

As I grew up I ate doughnuts less and less, hardly ever stopping into the doughnut shop I’d frequented throughout my childhood and teen years. Now, the closest place to buy doughnuts is the grocery store, and those just don’t taste very good!

My solution? Make them at home! You probably know you can make doughnuts with Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits. Instead of glazing ‘em, I’ve whipped up a quick, three-ingredient dip with another breakfast treat: Yoplait Greek 100 lemon yogurt.

Greek Yogurt, lemon, powdered sugar

I used lemon flavor for this dip because I love lemon, especially on doughnuts. There’s just something about citrus for breakfast that helps you wake up a little faster - and even the kids love it! Everything is more fun when you can dip, right?

Doughnut Holes with Sweet Lemon Dip

Yoplait Greek Yogurt is super creamy and delicious all by itself, so you don’t need to add too much. I added some powdered sugar to the yogurt, as well as some lemon juice and zest for an extra lemon punch. If you don’t like lemon, no worries. It’s super easy to adapt this recipe for your favorite flavor. Just add a little powdered sugar and vanilla extract to your favorite yogurt flavor. The options are endless!