Delightful Toaster Strudel-Stuffed Doughnuts

By Gerry Speirs
Created December 8, 2016
Toaster Strudel-Stuffed Doughnuts
Double doughnuts! This breakfast treat packs a surprise on the inside: Danish-flavored Toaster Strudel! MORE+ LESS-

If there is one food that’s stood the test of time, it has to be the doughnut. For such a simple baked treat, it has a worldwide fan base. Some Saturdays I take the kids to pick up a half dozen. The kids love coming along because they know they'll get a free sample at the counter; in theory they're getting double doughnuts!

We all have different favorites: The kids love sprinkles, Mom likes a regular glazed and I usually go with jelly filled. Lately I’ve been seeing lots of unique doughnuts for sale. This DIY doughnut is inspired by the double-treat idea. I’ve stuffed a flaky biscuit with a slice of Cream Cheese Danish Toaster Strudel. Make sure to make enough to share—everyone will want their own.

Toaster Strudel-Stuffed Doughnuts

Roll each biscuit out to about 5-6 inches in diamater. Then, half 4 of the toaster strudels and place one half onto each dough round.

Roll Each Biscuit Out

Now make a little envelope with the dough. Fold the dough towards you covering the strudel. Fold the other half away from you.

Fold Dough Covering The Strudel

Finish by pulling up each end of the dough and sealing the doughnut completely, just like wrapping a present.

Pull Each End Up and Seal The doughnut Completely.

Gently drop 1 doughnut into canola oil heated to 380°F. Cook 1 minute. Use tongs to turn pastry over; cook 1 minute longer. Remove from oil; drain on paper towels. Repeat with remaining dough-wrapped toaster pastries. Cool.

Empty icing packets from pastries into small bowl. Use butter knife to spread some of the icing over top of each doughnut. Meanwhile, toast remaining 2 toaster pastries until brown and crispy. Coarsely chop; sprinkle over tops of iced doughnuts. Place jelly in small plastic bag; cut off a tiny bottom corner of bag. Pipe jelly over tops of each doughnut.

Cook And Empty Icing Packet Over Each Doughnut