Cinnamon Roll Flowers How-To

By Dorothy Kern
Created December 8, 2016
Cinnamon Roll Flowers
Delight your family this spring with a Cinnamon Roll Flower for breakfast. MORE+ LESS-

There’s nothing better than a cinnamon roll for breakfast, especially when it’s a Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll.Whenever I have a can in my refrigerator I look forward to making them for my family … even though I won’t want to share! 

Last month I turned cinnamon rolls into hearts for Valentine’s Day. Now that spring is upon us, wouldn’t it be fun if we had a fun new to way serve our favorite breakfast? 

With just a few easy steps you can turn a plain round cinnamon roll into a flower, perfect for spring! Believe me, these are so easy to make. Ready for a photo tutorial? Here we go! 

Get yourself a tube of regular Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (not Grands!). You can use the reduced-fat, regular or the kind that comes with cream cheese frosting. 

Unroll your tube and separate the rolls. Cut each roll into thirds horizontally.

Cinnamon roll dough on a cutting board

Line them up, slightly overlapping the circles, and press slightly to adhere the edges together.

Cinnamon roll dough on a cutting board

Roll up the circles as shown. You’ll end up with a bud that looks like this.

Cinnamon roll dough on a cutting board
Cinnamon roll dough on a cutting board

Repeat with remaining rolls. Place in a muffin pan that’s been sprayed with cooking spray.

Cinnamon roll dough in a muffin tin

Be sure to use your fingers to slightly open the top of your flower. Bake until they’re brown and you end up with flower shaped cinnamon rolls!

Browned cinnamon roll dough in muffin tins

Your kids are going to love this breakfast surprise. They’re going to be awed.

Cinnamon Roll Flowers

Then you can drizzle icing all over them. That’s the best part, after all! 

These cinnamon roll flowers are great for a holiday or potluck, but they’re also good for weekday mornings. Make up a batch and freeze them and you’ll have cinnamon rolls when your kids beg for them on a random Wednesday. 

And who can say no to that??