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Chocolate-Caramel-Stuffed Doughnut Holes How-To

Chocolate Caramel Stuffed Doughnut Holes
Everyone loves pop-able doughnut holes, but these cinnamon sugar ones have a surprise in the center. MORE+ LESS-
By Carrian Cheney

Have you ever had a dessert that looks pretty darn delicious, but then when you take a bite it’s even better than you imagined? That’s how I feel about stuffed desserts. Oh, that doughnut hole is all cinnamon sugary delicious, oh what?! It’s filled with chocolate and caramel! Heck. Yes.

There’s something wonderful about doughnuts and the holidays. When I was first married there was a little doughnut truck that would occasionally come by our home. It was a special treat for us to run out in the snow to buy a little doughnut and hot cocoa to share while we snuggled up to a movie in our first apartment.

Our favorite was the simple fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar. We loooooved it. My husband loved the hot cocoa even more. They had what seemed to be a million different flavors that you could order (this was no ordinary hot cocoa) and he could never resist. On one occasion, we ordered our “special treat,” as we called it, and ran inside to watch “24.” Did you ever watch that show? INTENSE! Anyway, we got inside and quickly tore into our fried piece of heaven. Lo and behold it was filled with chocolate! BEST. NIGHT. EVER.

Chocolate Caramel Stuffed Doughnut Holes

This may not be an entire fried doughnut, but the pop-able size is even better in my opinion. It looks all wonderful, but there’s that chocolate caramel surprise in the center that will help you have one magical evening. Just grab your supplies, which are only a few things.

While you heat up the oil for frying, you can make the chocolate mixture. Place your hazelnut spread and dulce de leche in microwavable dish. Microwave on high in 10-second increments, stirring every 10 seconds, until smooth. Pour the mixture into a decorating bag with a small tip or use a condiment container from local cooking store. Set aside.

Place cinnamon-sugar in shallow dish; set aside.

Dough formed into a ball

Cut out your doughnut holes from the biscuit dough and fry them until golden. This only took about 15-40 seconds for us.

Doughnut holes rolled in cinnamon sugar

Dump the hot doughnuts in the cinnamon-sugar.

Doughnut holes being filled with chocolate from a squeeze bottle

With a sharp knife, pierce a hole in each doughnut hole. Insert one end of the decorating bag, and then squeeze the bag to fill it with the chocolate-hazelnut-caramel mixture. Serve right away.