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Easy Breakfasts

Breakfast Egg Boat How-To

Blogger Carrian Cheney puts a tasty twist on eggs and toast.

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Breakfast can get old when you’re doing the same thing all the time. Why not serve up one of these easy-to-make Breakfast Egg Boats instead? They’re easy, and they give your kids the energy they need for the school day.
Our oldest daughter has to leave for school at 7:30 a.m., which means we are all up by 6:30 a.m. Ugh, I hate waking up. Actually, I don’t know which is harder, waking up or getting out of the shower! Once we get downstairs for breakfast it’s usually cereal or oatmeal, and that gets old pretty fast.
I’ve been thinking up a few ideas for new breakfasts that wouldn’t involve me slaving in the kitchen and not only was this one a hit for a few reasons, but it was awesome for dinner as well!
Here’s what I love. First of all it’s a more rounded meal and totally flavorful versus just cold cereal. It warms us all up and keeps us full longer. Also, I love that I can cook the peppers and meat the night before or the morning of. It only takes a couple of minutes. I usually bake the bread the night before to save time, too.
The only tricky part is to not scoop too much bread out of the middle. I do it all the time because I munch on the inside bread and keep pulling it out instead of paying attention. It’s just so soft and yummy!
I whisk up a few eggs, throw in the sausage and peppers and pour the whole thing in the bread. It’s like eggs and toast for breakfast all in one bundle. I bake it up, slice into chunks and everyone gets a filling and satisfying breakfast. Done.
Carrian Cheney

About Carrian Cheney of Sweet Basil

Carrian believes anyone can be successful in the kitchen with a nudge in the right direction. She’s helping us all with her family-friendly recipes, cooking tips and a good dollop of easy, everyday inspiration.

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