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3 New Reasons to Love Kix

Two toddlers with a box of Kix
By Kate Rogers

Three new Kix Story Boxes offer interactive adventures during breakfast and snacktime. What fun!

Two toddlers with a box of Kix

Much of my childhood was spent staring at the backs of cereal boxes. I loved it. Word games and sports-hero trivia? Excellent. The exploits of Buzz the Bee? Awesome. Somehow looking at a kid-tailored back-of-the-box was the best way to throw back a big bowl of the good stuff (always splashed with half-and-half).

I didn’t think much about my affinity for the kid-friendly box until I heard the folks at Kix had upped the ante with their three new Pop Out, Build and Play Story Boxes. Instead of just reading the box, you, ahem, your kids, can pop out cardboard shapes to build sea creatures, jungle characters or woodland animals. Who doesn’t want to do that?! You can even take the adventures off the table with their bright and bold interactive follow-along-tales.

As budding Kix-lovers and champion busy-bodies, I couldn’t wait to show my twin boys the new boxes (we got a sneak peek of the Ocean-themed Berry Berry Kix and the Woodland-themed Honey Kix). The verdict? They loved it! Popping out shapes and putting them together made for an entertaining and “tasty” afternoon snack. Their word, not mine.

Two toddlers with Kix cut-out animals

Look for the three new Kix story boxes at Target. Read more about new imagination-building Kix adventures.

*PS. The child in the striped shirt is not upset. He’s having a conversation with a Kix raccoon.