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Italian Garlic Knots How-To

pizzeria-style italian garlic knots
Whenever we go to a pizzeria, my kids go crazy over the garlic knots. Now I can make them at home in minutes with refrigerated breadsticks. MORE+ LESS-
By Arlene Cummings

If you have ever gone out to an Italian pizzeria, I’m sure you have had garlic knots. Those buttery little dough balls that everyone fights for when they hit the table are usually everyone’s favorite part of the meal. I wanted to make those yummy knots at home. I thought of using pizza dough but decided Pillsbury® refrigerated breadsticks would be the perfect size and take only minutes to prepare. I was right!

a table with a tube of Pillsbury breadstick dough, a stick of butter, fresh basil leaves, fresh parsley and chopped garlic

I unrolled the dough, separated the strips and twisted and tied them into knots. Then I cooked up a little butter, oil, garlic and herbs to drizzle over them before baking.

unrolled dough, separated into strips and being tied into knots. dough knots in a pan being drizzled with cooked garlic and herb oil mixture

When the rolls came out of the oven, they looked just like the ones in the restaurant and didn’t last long!

a pan of baked italian garlic knots

These knots are so yummy and extremely versatile. Use fresh or dried herbs. For a twist, sprinkle with a little Parmesan or Romano cheese or even red pepper flakes before baking.

Trust me, if you make these once you will make them over and over again because everyone will love them!

They are even a fun way to get the kids cooking by having them tie the knots and drizzle with the garlic butter.