6 Secrets of Baking with Refrigerated Dough

Created December 8, 2016
Pizza, cookies, pie
From pizza night to holiday cookie season, we’ve got six ways to get the best results from ready-to-bake dough. MORE+ LESS-

From pizza night to holiday cookie season, ready-to-bake dough always comes through. Here are six tips for getting quick, simple and oh-so-delicious results from this kitchen all-star.

  1. Always use chilled dough for best results.
  2. Prebake pizza and pie crust for crisper crusts and fully baked dough.
  3. Make sure your pie fillings and pizza toppings aren’t too wet. This could result in under-baked dough.
  4. For perfectly filled small bites every time, keep an eye on your filling-to-dough ratio. Too much filling in a “mini” will cause the dough to puff up and lose shape during baking.
  5. If you’ll be using dough as a topper or decoration for a pie or casserole, make sure your food is hot before adding dough.
  6. A beautiful dessert—like this Easy Grilled Strawberry Pie—is all in the details. When rolling out dough, keep an eye on thickness. Pressing dough too thin can make shaping difficult.