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How to Latinize your Thanksgiving Table Decor on a Small Budget

Latin Thanksgiving

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. As a Latina, I love gathering with family and sampling a wide range of delicious food. Thanksgiving Day is a great excuse create special memories with our loved ones. It also entails more than just delicious food: there’s the whole decorating part!

Although Thanksgiving doesn't have Latin roots, we can still add Latin flair to our Thanksgiving table decor to reflect our heritage and culture. This can easily be done with a small budget and a little creativity. Here are some of my favorite inexpensive ways to decorate the Thanksgiving table:

Decorate with food
A Thanksgiving table typically includes a variety of dishes that will be feasted on. What better way to add Latin flair than with a colorful platter of rice with pigeon peas or other delicious side dishes! In our home, we always have pasteles and arroz con dulce during the holiday festivities. These two Latin dishes are always added to our holiday menu, which also add a nice Latin touch to our Thanksgiving table.

Use what you already own
You don't have to spend a lot of money to create a beautifully decorated tablescape. Look around your home and find items you already own to decorate your table with. You could use candleholders and wrap them with colorful ribbons that represent your culture. You can also wrap fall leaves around the candleholders for a more customized look. I personally love placing a large glass vase that I fill with tree branches. On each tree branch, I hang paper leaves that I have written on with the things we are thankful for.

If you are crafty, use items you already own to create unique decor. You can also buy plain decor items at a dollar store, but spruce them up with spray paint or other craft items. For the fall season, I created a beautiful wreath by purchasing a plain and inexpensive wreath that was on clearance: I simply added decor that I was able to find on sale. Not only was it a fraction of the cost, but I also ended up with a piece that was unique.

Don't overdo it
You don't have to spend a lot of money on decor to create a beautiful tablescape. Keep your decorating to a minimum and choose classic pieces. Choosing one or two colors that represent your Latin culture can help narrow down what you need to decorate. In Puerto Rico, we love bright colors. So instead of traditional fall colors, I can pair up bright orange and lime green to add a Latin touch to my Thanksgiving table decor. It may not be the traditional look, but it will liven up the table and remind my family members of our Caribbean roots.

Do you add Latin flair to your Thanksgiving table? Please feel free to comment and share with the community!