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One-Dish Dinners

Simple + Brilliant Spicy Italian Crescent Ring

Bring all the flavors of your favorite sandwich to the party with this crescent bake. Layers upon layers of savory meats and cheese keep you coming back for more.

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I’m a complete sucker for party food. I’ve been known to accept invitations to a party just for the opportunity to nibble on all sorts of yummy finger foods. Baby showers, bridal showers, and birthday parties are where it’s at! 

This recipe is based on one of my all-time favorite sandwich combos. It has a delicious three-meat combo, two layers of cheese, and loads of flavor from the roasted red bell peppers and hot pepper rings — baked into an easy-to serve crescent circle. 

I know what you’re thinking: Why can’t all parties have a Spicy Italian Crescent Ring Sandwich? Well, I’m here to lay down the law. Spicy Italian Crescent Ring Sandwiches for ALL!

You’re going to start with 2 tubes of Pillsbury Crescents. Pop them open, and arrange them in a star pattern around a 12-inch pizza pan. The dough will overlap, just make sure to leave some space in the middle for rolling them up.
Start layering your sandwich filling ingredients down. Overlapping of ingredients is fine, and encouraged.
Once you have a good stack of ingredients, you’ll take the outside of the dough and bring it up and over to fully enclose the filling.
Tuck the ends of the crescent dough underneath to secure it, give it a little sprinkle of fresh cracked black pepper and bake until golden brown.
Let it cool slightly before slicing into it. I serve this with a side of creamy Italian dressing for dipping, and it’s an instant hit!
Shawn Syphus

About Shawn Syphus of I Wash, You Dry

As a mom of four, Shawn is b-u-s-y, but she almost always manages to put a delicious dinner on the table. She loves simple, good-tasting meals and sweet treats that use as few dishes as possible.

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