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Pillsbury® Refrigerated Pie Crust

Refrigerated Pie Crusts
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4 days ago
I love your pie crust, it good tasting, and easy to use. I just wish you would make a deep dish pie crust. I have a 10 inch pyrex pie pan, and by the time I roll it out to put in bottom of pan, it is thin that it seems doughy. If you made a deep dish pie crust, that would be great. Just saying :-)

33 days ago
Square pie crusts would be GREAT!!! Big enough so that 2 sheets would cover a full sized sheet pan for tarts! These would be great around the Holidays especially. Thanks.

33 days ago
Do you have or sell Refrigerated pie crusts for large square pie pans?

42 days ago
I'm wondering why Pillsbury isn't responding to any of these customers' questions about why their pie crusts are shrinking?

44 days ago
Now I can stop wondering what I am doing wrong. I also have used these pie crusts for years and years and last year they started shrinking and not tasting as good. Guess I will have to go back to making my own again. Hate it too. They used to be so good!

45 days ago
Did you change the recipe of the pie crusts? I just baked with them and they tasted bland. Not flaky and buttery like they usually do. I don't think I'll buy them anymore, until I try some other brands.

57 days ago
How about a rectangle pie crust? A regular sized pot pie just won't do anymore. Need to make a large one, perhaps in the size of a 9x13 baking dish.

I'm going to stop buying the roll out pie dough because, not matter what I do, the crust always shrinks. Tonight I tried prebaking a single pie crust--I even lined the unbaked pie crust with foil and filled the crust up with beans, and the crust STILL shrank. I think the size of the roll up crust probably works well for an 8" pie pan, but I use a 9" pan. Pillsbury needs to make a larger size.

97 days ago
The last three times--includin­g today--I have used these pie crusts, they have shrunk almost too small to use. Have you changed the recipe or size? I have used these for years and always loved them, but now I am very disappointed. The taste is still good, but I don't know if I'll buy them any more.

104 days ago
I love this crust for my Easy Peasy Peach Tart - preheat oven @ 425 , slice peaches, toss with a couple table spoons of sugar and generous dashes (sorry, I'm not big on measuring) of cinnamon & nutmeg... Roll out your crust, arrange the fruit leaving a 2 inch(ish) edge, fold and crimp the crust over the fruit. Bake @425 for 40 min. I turn the dish 180 degrees after 20 min because I have an old stove. If you want to get fancy, use an egg white wash and sugar dusting (http://www.fin­­ticles/egg-wash­-pastry-crust-c­olor-shine.aspx­) . Easy Peasy!