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Pillsbury® Refrigerated Pie Crust

Refrigerated Pie Crusts
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83 days ago
can these piecrusts still be used 3 months after the best if used by date?

99 days ago
LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your pie crusts !!! I would like to see them made just a little larger so they can be used for deep dish pies. These are not large enough for that use. Also, the edges make a pie saleable and a little larger size would allow for making nice fluted edges. I would also like to be able to buy these in bulk at Costco or BJs because I make lots and lots of pies for bake sales and charity.

102 days ago
Can these be made without the potassium sorbate....plea­se! This preservative is poison to some of us...and totally avoidable as there are other choices that are not potassium based.

110 days ago
I used Pillsbury Pie Crusts recently for a cooking demo I did making an apple pie. Big hit!­/shared/communi­ty/features/car­olina-kitchen/s­tories/wlos_mol­asses-applesauc­e-pie-769.shtml

112 days ago
Is this product available in Ontario, Canada?

114 days ago
I love Pillsbury Pie Crusts. My only problem is not being able to purchase them in bulk. The only time that I see a bulk purchase at Sams Club is around Thanks giving or Christmas. I have a small pie business and use pie crust like every day. I would love to see larger pie crust as well, for some of the reasons already mentioned. Please have someone contact me regarding the 8 pack for $6.98.

116 days ago
Ironic that some folks are complaining about the lard. Lard is actually better for you than vegetable oils. Saturated fats and cholesterol are not he cause of heart disease - this old mythology has been dis-proven. Sugar and trans fats are the real culprits. So lard is OK. But,,,,, "partially hydrogenated lard" is not OK because "partially hydrogenated" translates into "contains trans fats" which have been shown to be one of the primary causes of the inflammation of the endothelial cells lining our arteries leading to heart disease. Trans fats have been banned in many countries and are in the process of being banned in the United States... So this product just needs to be updated and have the partially hydrogenated lard replaced without something safer like coconut oil or palm oil...

119 days ago
Love Pillsbury pie crust but these were much easier to use when they came folded instead of rolled. During the last holiday season I had several pies to make and every crust I enrolled came out falling apart. Since I made crust in the past I knew how to fix it but still didn't look as nice as it could have! like others have said I would like them to be larger to fit a 10 inch pie pan!

189 days ago
I can only hope that Pillsbury would make a larger size crust that would fit 9.5 inch or larger pie plates... the current size BARELY fits a 9 inch plate

227 days ago
These crusts worked very well for a Pumpkin Pecan Pie and a Pumpkin Pie I made. Since I watch my diet 80% of the time, the lard used to make the crusts doesn't bother me.