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Pillsbury® Refrigerated Pie Crust

Refrigerated Pie Crusts
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    Kerbbie362 days ago
    It would be so nice if you could make these an extra 2 inches in diameter. The shrinkage of my baked pie shell made it unusable. The pumpkin pie I made barely had any crust above the pie filling. Please increase the size, I'm sure you won't lose that much money in doing so, but if you do not you will lose customers.
    happybaker5658 days ago
    Try using a smaller pie pan, or lay the crust out on a floured surface and take a few passes at it with a rolling pin to make it a little larger.  I have done that and it does not make the pie any less perfect.
    sunnysideup28 days ago
    The point of this product is convenience. It is not convenient to have to use a nonstandard size pie pan, or to have to re-roll the dough. The diameter of the actual product should be larger, and it should be listed on the packaging. Not everyone uses a pie or tart pan at all. This product would be great to use for free form tarts if you would end up with something larger than a serving for two.
    TylerButi1 day ago
    Go to Trader Joes and get their pie crusts in the freezer section. They are large and don't have any of the stuff you can't pronounce.
    Geenah200 days ago
    Love these crusts when I'm short on time.  I agree with those wishing for a Deep-Dish version and would be great if you also offered a  Double-Thick version.  Anyone else agree with me on thicker wish?

     I tried rolling two together but they separated. 
    Berend36 days ago
    The crust is not large enough to make a deep dish pumpkin pie.
    eatoats63 days ago
    Please, please, please make the pie crusts bigger. Charge more, for Pete's sake!
    crspie159 days ago
    REALLY, do you need to add coloring in a pie crust?
    littlebluecat296 days ago
    WHYYYY did you add lard to this??? I am so sad that my family now can no longer eat this product. It was great and now is a product we can no longer buy. Please consider removing the lard or making a separate vegetarian product.
    lilymoon284 days ago
    I was told its not animal lard
    eatoats63 days ago
    Keep the lard. Tastes better.
    TylerButi1 day ago
    Go to Trader Joe's if you have one in your area. Their pie crusts are awesome. Made with butter. And better yet, no preservatives or coloring. 
    josborn408 days ago
    I'm wondering why Pillsbury isn't responding to any of these customers' questions about why their pie crusts are shrinking?
    alicek2726 days ago
    Go to their official site and send them an email.

    luvmetndr1766 days ago
    I love the pie crust, cause i can not make my own so i was wondering if you could start making oblong pie dough so we can make turnovers. Makes it a lot better instead of trying to use a round crust.I think people would love it to i know i would very much.
    mrkleen709 days ago
    I use these piecrusts exclusivly, and they wotk wonderfully. I also use them as dough for filled cookies, and the work fine but not too economical/.

    Is there a possibility that sheets of dough in size of approximately 12" lby 8 or 10 " ln w and rolled for packaging as the pie crusts are., also slightly sweetened. This would be a new product , and I believe a popular item for the convenience of it , especially at Holiday times.
    doughboy6432674 days ago
    Store bought products will never be economical compared to scratch . Especially if you are using a large amount . I only buy these pie crust in a pinch other wise I find it is much cheaper to make your own . I agree with others also in that it is not enough to even cover a regular 9" pie plate , so that is another reason I make my own most of the time.
    ApplePrincess2 days ago
    Every time I bake an apple pie the bottom is a little gooey, even though the is cooked inside. and the top is brown. Help me!
    trixie12jean3 days ago
    how long is my pie crust good til after the expiration date on the package?
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