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Pillsbury® Refrigerated Pie Crust

Refrigerated Pie Crusts
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    Kerbbie275 days ago
    It would be so nice if you could make these an extra 2 inches in diameter. The shrinkage of my baked pie shell made it unusable. The pumpkin pie I made barely had any crust above the pie filling. Please increase the size, I'm sure you won't lose that much money in doing so, but if you do not you will lose customers.
    crspie71 days ago
    REALLY, do you need to add coloring in a pie crust?
    littlebluecat208 days ago
    WHYYYY did you add lard to this??? I am so sad that my family now can no longer eat this product. It was great and now is a product we can no longer buy. Please consider removing the lard or making a separate vegetarian product.
    lilymoon197 days ago
    I was told its not animal lard
    ChefBruce13 days ago

    I totally agree on making the diameter of the crust bigger approx. 2 inches. In order to use a deep dish 9 1/2 glass pie plate you must roll out the dough thinner which many times will shrink the sides and make it not usable. This also makes the crust so thin that the pie is harder to cut and remove in a pretty slice. "I love the Pillsbury brand but the roll out is just not big enough for most pie plates."

    retiredinIdaho27 days ago
    If it wasn't for these wonderful pie crusts, I would never bake a homemade pie.  I have an orchard so I have plenty of fresh fruit but I could not make a decent crust (or even get it off the rolling pin).  People love my pies and I always give Pillsbury credit.
    RecipesForT57 days ago
    Something has changed. Every year for July 4th we make lemon meringue pie and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and  use these crusts. They were foolproof. BUT AFTER FAILED crusts on three holidays now i can't blame myself, I'm doing things the same way I used to. The crusts shrink terribly and even when pierced they get huge bubbles in the center. My beautiful pies are a thing of the past. Pillsbury what the heck did u do to this product? Is this due to removal of trans fats or something ??
    Sanni8178 days ago
    Is there anyone out there that can tell me if I could use this dough for dog treats?? Such as cookies?

    GarryAnn104 days ago
    It would be so nice if you could PILLSBURY make WHEAT PIE CRUST  IM A DIABETIC 2    !   THANK YOU SO MUCH  !!    <3  :D

    2Ammy2109 days ago
    When I bake my deep dish Apple pies or when my husband bakes his pumpkins pies. We let the pie  crust set to warm up while fixing the fillings.  We then roll them out and have a nice pie crust to drape over the edge and able to trim with fingers or fork or spoon around the edges. I do agree you will have shrinkage if you don't roll it out some.
    Hope this helps with your pie shell shrinkage.
    Geenah112 days ago
    Love these crusts when I'm short on time.  I agree with those wishing for a Deep-Dish version and would be great if you also offered a  Double-Thick version.  Anyone else agree with me on thicker wish?

     I tried rolling two together but they separated. 
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